Current Exhibitions

Monuments & Metaphors: Art In Public Spaces 
March 21 - June 28 | Main Galleries

Baton Rouge is on the move and public art is popping up everywhere! Located where people work and live, this type of art reflects the history and values of a community. Monuments & Metaphors spotlights some of the most endearing and best known public art in Baton Rouge as well as new projects by The Walls Project, the Museum of Public Art, and the Percent for Art Program of the Louisiana State Division of the Arts. Preparatory drawings, maquettes, 3-D printer models, and full-scale photographs reveal how these public works came to be, the stories they tell, and how they were made. 

Frank Hayden, Head of Oliver Pollock, 1979, Bronze, 10' tall. Commission by the City of Baton Rouge. Location: Bernardo de Gálvez Plaza, Baton Rouge River Centre. (Photographed by Kevin P. Duffy) 

Seth Globepainter (Julien Malland) with students from the Baton Rouge Mayor'sOfficeSummer Youth Employment Program, Lady Liberty, Mural House Project, 2014, House paint  Commissioned by the Museum of Public Art. Location: Old South Baton Rouge, corner of Brice St. and Government St. 

Conrad Albrizio, Elements of Government, 1955, Mosaci Tesserae glass mural, 9' 11" x 17' 8". Commissioned by the State of Louisiana. Location: 19th Judicial District Court Building, Baton Rouge. (Photographer Kevin P. Duffy) 

Robert Dafford, Baton Rouge Blues Harmonica, 2013, House paint. Commissioned by the Walls Project/Sponsored by Raising Canes Chicken Fingers and Belle of Baton Rouge Casino. Location: Downtown Baton Rouge, 103 France Street.


From Clay to Bronze: Revisited
March 21 - June 28 | Soupçon Gallery

In 1979, the Louisiana Art & Science Museum presented an exhibition titled From Clay to Bronze: Frank Hayden. This show centered upon the lost-wax process, a technique for casting bronze whose name is derived from the melting, or loss, of the wax model during casting. From Clay to Bronze featured models of Frank Hayden's works that demonstrated each stage of this process. In this updated exhibition, From Clay to Bronze: Revisited, the 1979 display is recreated alongside a contemporary approach to bronze casting contributed by local sculptor Brad Bourgoyne who uses computers and 3D printers to aid his casting and sculpting processes. 


Emerson Bell: A Tribute
March 27 - June 21 | Colonnade Gallery

This exhibition acknowledges the generous spirit of Emerson Bell (1931-2006), a noted painter and sculptor raised in South Baton Rouge. The first artist-in-residence in the East Baton Rouge Parish Schools to be supported by the National Endowment for the Arts, Bell taught young people throughout the community, and later mentored many an aspiring professional artist. Among his peers were musician Alvin Batiste and artists Frank Hayden and John Payne. The art on view is accompanied by insightful quotes by Bell and those who knew him.