The Art of Science

The Art of Science

Class Description

The principles of the scientific method are reinforced in this unique approach that is partly a science class and partly an art gallery experience. Students use the ProScope Video Microscope, anatomical models of the brain and eye, and optical illusions to discover how human beings receive and perceive images. They apply these concepts as they analyze works of art in LASM’s art galleries and participate in hands-on activities in the science classroom..

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Grade Level: 4-6
LINK: Art Class: SmART Thinking, Grades 4-6

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLEs

4th Grade

(SI-E-A2) Use observations to design and conduct simple investigations or experiments to answer testable questions

(SI-E-A2) Predict and anticipate possible outcomes

(SI-E-B4) Base explanations and logical inferences on scientific knowledge, Observations and scientific evidence

(SI-E-A1) Pose questions that can be answered by using students’ own observations, scientific knowledge, and testable scientific investigations

(SI-E-A3) Use the five senses to describe observations

5th Grade

(SI-M-A1) Generate testable questions about objects, organisms, and events that can be answered through scientific investigation

(SI-M-A2) Design, predict outcomes, and conduct experiments to answer guiding questions

(SI-M-A4) Construct, use, and interpret appropriate graphical representations to collect, record, and report data (e.g., tables, charts, circle graphs, bar and line graphs, diagrams, scatter plots, symbols)

(SI-M-A4) Identify patterns in data to explain natural events

(SI-M-A5) Use evidence to make inferences and predict trends

(SI-M-A7) Use evidence and observations to explain and communicate the results of investigations

(SI-M-B3) Recognize that there is an acceptable range of variation in collected data

Explain why an experiment must be verified through multiple investigations and yield consistent results before the findings are accepted

Classroom Activity

Art of Science Vocabulary List

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