Earth’s Wild Ride

Earth’s Wild Ride

Show Description

While observing a solar eclipse from their lunar colony, a grandfather tells his grandchildren stories about Earth, the amazing planet where he grew up. They learn about eclipses, the ice age, Earth’s water cycle, and the differences between the earth and the moon. The exciting visual imagery also includes a roller-coaster ride through flowing lava and canyons of raging rivers. A live, presenter-led tour of the current seasonal night sky precedes this automated program.

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Grade Level: 3-6
LINK: Interactive Theater: Weatherwise
LINK: Solar System Gallery

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLEs

Grade 4
ESS-E-B2  Compare a solar and a lunar eclipse.
ESS-E-A5  Explain how Earth’s surface is changed as a result of slow and rapid processes.

Grade 5
ESS-M-A7  Demonstrate the results of constructive and destructive forces using illustrations.
ESS-M-B3  Explain how technology can expand the senses and contribute to the increase and/or modification of scientific knowledge.
ESS-M-C6 & ESS-M-A10  Identify and explain the interaction of the processes of the water cycle.

Grades 5–6
SI-M-A5  Use evidence to make inferences and predict trends.
SI-M-A1  Generate testable questions about objects, organisms, and events that can be answered through scientific investigation.

Grade 6
PS-M-B3  Identify forces acting on all objects.

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