Updated! Ventures Through Our Solar System

Updated!  Ventures Through Our Solar System

Show Description

The planetarium is transformed into a space transport as we buckle up our seat belts and join the countdown for a live, immersive, and interactive adventure to uncover the latest NASA planetary discoveries throughout our solar system. Using the planetarium's full-dome digital projection system, our exploration will include the surface of Mars with NASA's newest rover, Curiosity; visits to volcanoes on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn; finding diamonds in the atmosphere of Uranus; and much more. A brief tour of the current seasonal night sky precedes this live, presenter-led program.

Grade Level: 35
LINK: Solar System Gallery

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLEs

Grade 3
ESS-E-B1 Identify, in order, the planets of the solar system.
ESS-E-B4 Explain the results of the rotation and revolution of Earth.

Grade 4
ESS-E-B6 Explain how technology has improved our knowledge of the universe (e.g., Hubble telescope, space stations, lunar exploration) 

Grade 5
ESS-M-C1 Identify the physical characteristics of the Sun.
ESS-M-C2 Describe the characteristics of the inner and outer planets
ESS-M-C5 Identify Earth’s position in the solar system.

Classroom Activity - Scaling the Solar System

Classroom Activity - Solar System Search

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