Body Basics

Body Basics

Class Description

Human torso models and life-size skeleton puzzles enable students to explore the components of the human body, with special emphasis on the functions of the digestive and skeletal systems. MyPlate guidelines and activities reinforce the relationship between positive eating habits and the importance of maintaining a healthy body. 

Grade Level: 3

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLE’s

(LS-E-A1) Describe what the human body needs to grow and be healthy

(LS-E-A5) Explain how the organs of the digestive system function

(LS-E-A5) Describe how the components of the skeletal system function

(LS-E-A6) Describe the relationship between eating habits and maintaining a healthy body

(SI-E-A1) Pose questions that can be answered by using students’ own observations, scientific knowledge, and testable scientific investigations

(PS-E-A2) Select the appropriate metric system and U.S. system tools for measuring length, width, temperature, volume, and mass

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