Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Class Description

Dr. Decibel, LASM’s wacky science professor, leads students in an interactive exploration of the world of sound. Your "Junior Sound Scientists" will learn about the anatomy of the ear, experiment with unique musical instruments, and become familiar with key vocabulary terms and concepts relating to sound, such as volume, pitch, and frequency. This cross-circular program can be easily adapted for various grade levels.


Grade Level: Pre-K5
LINK: Science Station

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLE’s

PS-E-C1 Identify different sounds as soft or loud (PK-CS-P3)

Grade K
PS-E-C1 Demonstrate and identify sounds as soft or loud

Grade 1
PS-E-C1 Demonstrate how sound is made in a variety of ways (e.g., singing, whispering, striking an instrument)
PS-E-C1 Describe and demonstrate the volume of sound (e.g., soft, loud)

Grade 2
PS-E-C1 Give examples of objects that vibrate to produce sound (e.g., drum, stringed instrument, cymbal)
PS-E-C1 Use students’ own voices to demonstrate pitch (e.g., low, high)

Grade 3
PS-E-C1 Use the words high/low to compare the pitch of sound and the words loud/soft to compare the volume (amplitude) of sound

Grade 4
PS-E-C1 Explain the relationship between volume (amplitude) of sound and energy required to produce the sound
PS-E-C1 Explain the relationship between frequency (rate of vibration) and pitch

Grade 5
SI-M-B7 Identify areas in which technology has changed human lives (e.g., transportation, communication, geographic information systems)

Classroom Activities
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