The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather

The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather

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Move over George Jetson! The 21st century’s newest space team has arrived. Stalwart Captain Bula, brainiac Professor Multo, feisty hot-doggin’ space pilot Zeeter, the amazing space pet Gorga, and twin flying companions Wizzy & Wigg are the lovable wacky characters who will take your students on a roller-coaster fun ride across the Universe – and teach facts about science and astronomy in the process.

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Grade Level: Pre-K-2

State Standards, Benchmarks, and GLE’s


PK-CS-I2 Conduct simple scientific investigations

PK-CS-I4 Employ equipment and tools to gather data and extend sensory observations.

PK-CS-I5 Collect, interpret, communicate data and findings from observations and experiments in oral and written formats.

PK-CS-I6 Use appropriate scientific vocabulary related to topics.

PK-CS-ES2 Discover through observation that weather can change from day to day.

PK-CS-ES3 Use vocabulary to describe major features of the earth and sky.

PK-MM-CM1 Observe various forms of movement.


SI-E-A1: asking appropriate questions about organisms and events in the environment.

SI-E-A4: employing equipment and tools to gather data and extend the sensory observations.

SI-E-B5: presenting the results of experiments.

SI-E-B6: reviewing and asking questions about the results of investigations.

PS-E-A1: observing, describing, and classifying objects by properties (size, weight, shape, color, texture, and temperature).

PS-E-A2: measuring properties of objects using appropriate materials, tools, and technology.

PS-E-A3: observing and describing the objects by the properties of the materials from which they are made.

LS-E-A1: identifying the needs of plants and animals, based on age-appropriate recorded observations.

ESS-E-A2: understanding that approximately three-fourths of the earth's surface is covered with water and how this condition affects weather patterns and climates.

ESS-E-A3: investigating, observing, and describing how water changes from one form to another and interacts with the atmosphere.

ESS-E-A4: investigating, observing, measuring, and describing changes in daily weather patterns and phenomena.

ESS-E-B1: observing and describing the characteristics of objects in the sky.

ESS-E-B5: understanding that the sun, a star, is a source of heat and light energy and identifying its effects upon the earth.

ESS-E-B6: understanding that knowledge of the earth as well as of the universe is gained through space exploration.


The Zula Patrol: Under the Weather Activity Guide

*This show is only available for booking in LASM's portable planetarium, The Discovery Dome.


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