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Organize Your Group Beforehand

  • Discuss museum manners.
  • Provide each student with a legible name tag.
  • If your schedule lists sub-groups A, B, C, etc., assign students to sub-groups before leaving your campus.
  • Arrange students into sub-groups before entering LASM, and be ready to give an accurate count of all students and chaperones in attendance.
  • Assign one adult to every 10 students.
  • Upon arrival, submit a single payment for students and chaperones. Chaperones not listed on the Reservation Request Form may discover, after waiting in line to buy a ticket, that their program has sold out.

Prepare the Chaperones

  • Remind them to allow extra time for parking downtown.
  • Since the instructors often ask them to assist with activities, remind chaperones to remain in class, to avoid conversation, and to give class instructors their full attention.
  • Remind them to set cell phones on silent or vibrate. (They are free to quietly make a necessary call in a hallway or in the atrium).

Be Aware of Parking Guidelines

  • Make copies of the parking map and guidelines for the bus driver and chaperones.
  • Downtown offers numerous parking lots, garages, and street parking spots (see map). For a complete parking guide for the downtown area, visit http://downtownbatonrouge.org.

Have a Lunch Plan

  • Groups may picnic nearby on the concrete steps of the levee, the grassy area near the USS Kidd, the Old State Capitol grounds, the benches at the River Center fountain, or the covered walkway on the north end of LASM. Feel free to bring picnic blankets.
  • Remove lunches from the bus when it drops off the students. We provide bins for lunches as you enter the building, and we will store them and your coolers till lunchtime.
  • In case of inclement weather, we will do our best to accommodate your group indoors.
  • Prior to your visit: 1) communicate the lunch plan to all adults in your group, 2) assign chaperones various lunch duties, and 3) organize lunches according to sub-groups.
  • Lunch usually lasts 30 minutes, but please return from lunch early if students need a restroom break.

Being Prompt Helps You

  • Arrive 15 minutes early and start your day on a positive, stress-free note!
  • The bus driver should drop off students and lunches at LASM’s entrance prior to parking. If your group is late and misses a scheduled activity, we may have to restructure your visit.

About Restroom Breaks

  • Programs begin on the hour and the halfhour; therefore, long restroom breaks can adversely affect your schedule. We advise that students use the restroom before leaving the school.
  • Consider scheduling a restroom break if you feel it will benefit your group.

Supervise Your Group

  • Please stay with the group, keeping the students together in the museum and maintaining order and good behavior. Discipline problems are rare, but we will contact the group leader should any serious problems occur.

Taking Photographs

  • Because photography can damage artwork and violate contracts and copyright laws, LASM cannot permit photography or videography near artworks, which are located in the atrium, hallways, and art galleries.
  • Photographs and videos are permitted in classrooms, Discovery Depot, Science Station, Solar System Gallery, Universe Gallery, Adalié Brent Auditorium, and the Pennington Planetarium (before and after, not during, the program).
  • If you are willing to share photographs of your students with us, you will find photo release forms and instructions here.

LASM is fully accredited in accordance with the standards of excellence prescribed by the American Alliance of Museums.

ACGBR-LDAThese programs have been made possible in part through the generous support of the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Government; the members of LASM; the Community Fund for the Arts of Greater Baton Rouge; the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge; the National Endowment for the Arts; the Louisiana State Arts Council; and the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.
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