The Musem Store at LASM

The Museum Store at LASM is much more than just a gift shop. Our mission is to extend LASM's educational message by offering merchandise that relates to our exhibitions and programs.

Visiting the Museum Store could a be a lesson in itself in mathematical practices and economic concepts since it presents an opportunity for students to understand the connections between math, currency, and economics.

We recognize that even our youngest shoppers learn from their visit to the Museum Store as we observe students reason with how much their coin or bill is worth and estimate if they have enough money to pay for what they have selected. Independent decision making and staying within their budget is a rewarding and practical experience for students. 

Plan a mini-lesson for your students before their visit. have them explore basic economic concepts of distinguishing between wants and needs, or producers and consumers, to more fundamental economic concepts of personal finance, economic decision making, or exchange and trade. Prince begin at under a dollar...browsing is free!

We schedule groups older than 1st grade on a rotation through the Museum Store as part of their visit. For groups unable to shop, the Museum Store at LASM can create student take-home bags for a modest price. Please contact the store at 225.344.5272 ext 118, at least two weeks prior to your visit, for this service.

Visit the online Museum Store at LASM.

The Museum Store meets these Common Core Standards:




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Second Grade




Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade



Attention Pre-K through 2nd Grade Teachers

For groups unable to visit the museum store, the Museum Store Packs give you and your students an easy way to bring home a souvenir from LASM. Pre-order for your students and the packs will be ready to pick up at the end of your museum visit.

Museum Store Packs are $3.00 (tax included) and contain an LASM pencil, solar system ruler, and post card. Other Museum Store Packs are available for different rates. Please order two weeks in advance. Call The Museum Store at 225-344-5272 x 118 or e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Museum Store Items

Some of the items available in the Museum Store for under $1:

Featured: Mini Paint Set, Boink, Poppin Hopper, Parachute Man, Modeling Clay, Bob the Blob


The Museum Store is filled with items that spark children’s imaginations:

Featured: Earth Discovery Rocks, Do It Yourself Bubble Gum Kit, Glux Super Putty, Fossilized Dino Poop,  Solar Powered Dancing Flower, Real Scorpion Lollipop, Edible Crick-ettes, Bob the Blob.


By choosing one of The Museum Store’s many souvenirs, students will remember the interesting activities at LASM:

Featured: Solar System Ruler, LASM Backpack, LASM Pencil, Baton Rouge Postcard


Students can extend their visit to the Irene W. Pennington Planetarium when they bring home goodies with an outer space theme:

Featured: 3D Greeting Card, Metal Space Shuttle, Astronaut Ice Cream, Glowing Moon & Stars, Space Explorer Playset, Planisphere


Did your students have fun visiting LASM’s mummy? Now they can take home their own “mummy” or choose from The Museum Store’s array of Egyptian merchandise:

Featured: Pharaoh’s Coffin with Mummy, Egyptian Queen Doll, Egyptian Bastet


LASM is fully accredited in accordance with the standards of excellence prescribed by the American Alliance of Museums.

ACGBR-LDAThese programs have been made possible in part through the generous support of the East Baton Rouge City-Parish Government; the members of LASM; the Community Fund for the Arts of Greater Baton Rouge; the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge; the National Endowment for the Arts; the Louisiana State Arts Council; and the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism.
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